Fun Free Fashion Games

Fun Free Fashion Games : Fashion Colleges In Staten Island In Ny

Fun Free Fashion Games

fun free fashion games


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Blythe tag

Blythe tag
Thanks, Nancy!!

anyone who reads this, please feel free to join in the fun, add yourself to the photo and make a list!!

1. What is your favorite doll from your personal collection?
Truffle (Goldie)

2. Favorite BL release?

3. Favorite EBL release?
Picca is my BIG Ebl love!!

4. Favorite SBL release?
Mono Comme Ca – her hair style 🙂

5. Favorite RBL release?

6. Favorite FBL release?

7. List your 3 favorite customizers for Blythe.
Hola Gominola – Just LOVE ❤
Vainilladolly – really want the girl from her 😛
Nanuka – I am always delighted with her work!!

8. List your 3 favorite clothing designers for Blythe.

9. What would you like to see CWC/Takara come out with in the near future?
Don’t know who will be next 🙂

10. How did you get into Blythe?
I saw photos of Blythe in russian Cosmopolitan 2 years ago..

11. What do you collect other than Blythe?
Funny plush and plastic toys, artist toys and fashion jewelry..

game(nerd)boy – now with complete notes

game(nerd)boy - now with complete notes
My 10-y-o son BigE has taken to playing imaginary games on the calculator. He says that there’s a full-color backlit screen with really good resolution there, where I imagined there was only space for eight or ten LCD digits. He explained "what all the buttons do" for me – the ones I can remember are noted above.

I can’t remember some of the best ones! I’ll have to ask him about the rest tomorrow.

fun free fashion games

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